T H O M A S  M c E L R O Y

"World Class, Professional Magician"

Magic and Mentalism is exciting, incredible and great fun. Do you want to experience misdirection and subliminal suggestion - magic effects that will leave you and your guests completely mesmerised?

Thomas is sophisticated and immaculately dressed, has a charming personality and is extremely entertaining, his magic is captivating, incredible and full of fun, he brings laughter, and amazement as he performs some mind blowing magic effects with his own special style and panache.

Are you looking for something a bit different, amazing and unique to add to your event? If so, magic could be perfect for your occasion!  Thomas' performance will have your guests completely intrigued, delighted and wanting more.

To book an exciting bespoke, modern and unbelievable magic performance, please send an email or call direct.

Thomas is a family man who firmly believes that it pays to be a gentleman! Proud to be British and culturally aware.


Thomas is living and working in Dubai, he is cultural aware and totally flexible with his time and type of performance.



Management specialist, event co-ordinator, presenter, announcer, substitute host, group organiser and an excellent mentor.

"Ladies have all the fun, and always make a great evening"


Please send an email to enquire or call Thomas direct to discuss your event details and requirements.



Stage Shows - Award Events - House Parties - Wedding Receptions - Trade Show