t H O M A S  M C E L R O Y

I am an award winning professional magician who has been entertaining audiences for over 20 years. My journey into magic started while demonstrating the art of magic with colleagues, friends and family, but I always felt I wanted to learn more and master the science and skill that makes a person have a “Magical Moment”.

In 2005 I auditioned and was accepted by the "Edinburgh Magic Circle" -  One of the UK's longest standing professional organisations. During my time their I held office as Treasurer and eventually I was elected as "President".

 I also won the Sonny Day Award for the “Best Close-up Magician” for two consecutive years. Magic like life, requires a certain style and charm. My journey into the world of magic has been a fascinating exploration of human behavior and I enjoy the thrill of winning peoples' trust as they open their minds to the impossible. 

As a Retired British Army Officer, I am a gentleman and proud to be British. I look forward to bringing some magic to your event or special occasion. 

"We all have a little magic inside us"

"We all have a little magic inside us"